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Gravel on The Scottish West Highlands - 6 days

An exhilarating 6 days' adventure through some of the UK's most stunning and remote landscapes. Be ready to discover the local wildlife between challenging singletracks, scenic roads, and historical sites...

Scotland has this unique blend of untouched wilderness, which sometimes offers a sense of desolation and tranquility, while combining it with challenging terrain and often harsh weather.

If you’re looking for an epic adventure while going off-grid, this is made for you.

The dramatic scenery you will experience is Scotland will definitely make it a unique and memorable experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Scottish Highlands have plenty of routes to offer to mountain bikers or gravel bike packers, and what we propose here is a multi day adventure to traverse the highlands, from South to North. Consider this as in introduction to what the Highlands have in store - but this will give you a beautiful and challenging overview of what there is.

We divided our bike packing trip in 6 stages, from Edinburgh to Inverness, but it can easily be shortened by starting directly in Glasgow, Tyndrum or Fort William (all accessible by public transport) to accomodate the riders. Along the road, you will find B&Bs, hostels, campings and plenty of tea rooms and restaurants to familiarize with Scottish cuisine and local products.

Be prepared for rain, wind, and potentially cold conditions, especially in the Highlands...

Our 6 days adventure (400 kilometers, 5320m of elevation):

Download the global gpx file below :

Download GPX • 15.51MB

Stage 1 : From Edinburgh to Drymen (next to Glasgow)

100 kilometers, 510m d+

Jour 1
Download GPX • 2.96MB

Stage 2 : From Drymen to Crianlarich

64 kilometers, 1250m d+

Jour 2_Drymen_Crianlarich
Download GPX • 2.46MB

Stage 3 : From Crianlarich to Kinlochmore

85 kilometers, 1085m d+

Jour 3_ Crianlarich_Kinlochmore
Download GPX • 5.55MB

Stage 4 : From Kinlochmore to Letter Finlay

57 kilometers, 1075m d+

Jour 4_Kinlochmore_Letter Finlay
Download GPX • 2.23MB

Stage 5 : From Letter Finlay to Foyers (Loch Ness)

48 kilometers, 680m d+

Jour 5_ Letter Finlay_Foyers
Download GPX • 1.28MB

Stage 6 : From Foyers (Loch Ness) to Inverness

40 kilometers, 400m d+

Jour 6_Foyers_Inverness
Download GPX • 2.07MB

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