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In the cradle of volcanoes of Massif Central - 4 days

A perfect way to discover this beautiful and untouched region of France: the "Massif central", cradle of the volcanoes.

Is there any better period for bikepacking trips than September, when the sun is still warming you but not burning, when the fall colours are starting to shine, when the days are still long but not...too long ?

We decided it was perfect time to get our bikes out, and to cycle to Auvergne, also well-known for its delicious food (and wines, as usual, France, right?).

Our budget was restricted (summer has taken it aaaall), so the idea was quite appealing: going to a remote countryside, while enjoying the beautiful hills and cheap (but delicious) food.

Beautiful 4 days of bikepacking, in a hilly landscape (hilly is far from flat though, as I discovered on Puy Mary (12% average on the last two kilometers...).

Global gpx file:

Download GPX • 10.23MB

Stage 1: St Saturnin to Besse-et-St-Anastaise

40km, 925m d+

Stage 1
Download GPX • 2.04MB

Stage 2: Besse-et-St-Anastaise to Mandailles St Julien

123km, 2'400m d+

Stage 2
Download GPX • 5.79MB

Stage 3: Mandailles St Julien to Blesle

87km, 1'500m d+

Stage 3
Download GPX • 2.08MB

Stage 4: Blesle to St Saturnin

57km, 600m d+

Stage 4
Download GPX • 999KB

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