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3999 mountains

Document all 3900-3999m mountains in the Swiss Alps

The 4000 peaks of the Alps have been relentlessly inspiring mountaineers since time immemorial, because of the prestige associated to their ascent. They are now becoming victims of their own success : crowded huts, stressed teams, congestion on the routes, rock falls, and sometimes, accidents. 

Ironically, their less tall neighbors, the 3900-3999 meter mountains of the Alps are the unsung heroes of mountaineering. 

It's time to re-discover the hidden gems of the Alps that have been overlooked for too many years due to the intensifying traffic on the 4000 peaks.

The unsung mountains, by the unsung heroines of mountaineering

These 24 summits often remain overshadowed by their taller counterparts, yet they embody the essence of uncharted adventure and untamed beauty in the world of mountaineering.

They offer a wide variety of routes, ranging from gentle slopes to technical climbing, steep skiing, easy climbing routes and sometimes, engaged, committed tours.

They showcase the essence of mountaineering: the wild mountain, the thrill of exploration, the stunning silence.

It’s more than time to bring them what they deserve: a proper documentation, and a topo-guide.

That being said, we have reunited a great team of mountaineers to conquer these summits, document them, and share with the community. Is there no better team for this project, than a female team ?!

“The overlooked mountains, conquered by the unsung heroines of mountaineering"...

And the best is yet to come...

We have already documented 13 of them. 14 to go.


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