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deux nanas au bout d'une corde

The two crazy chicks just hit again with a new (bad) idea: let's swim, bike, and mountain climb from home to the Alps.

Notification sound.

I check my phone, it's her again. Tiphaine, my mountaineering buddy, adventure partner, crazy girl that I just can't stop loving. When she announces me in an excited voice, "Hey, you're up for a crazy plan up in the mountains?!", only one answer is allowed. I'm in.

2 hours later, I've drafted something that looks like a plan, drawn three lines, put four dots on a map and sketched a vague itinerary with some topo linked to it.

Even a 5 years old child draws better. But I don't care. This piece of paper already smells adventure.

2 weeks later, we are ready, but the weather is not - that's when an adventure slowly transitions to something called "bad idea". But we still go right, because it's fun: swim across the lake from Montreux to Villeneuve, bike from there to Taney, and then, hike up to the mountains to set up some bivouacs out in the dark, cold, snow or whatever there is on the forecast menu, climb up a mountain and come back home by bike.

So to be more precise, we get ready to mess up around.

It doesn't take long to get ready for that. Our brains are synchronised and we hit the road for our big adventure. We just proved it's possible : we just need to adapt the plans, and here we are, two crazy chicks carrying a rope, crampons, ice axes, swimsuits and camping gear on two bikes while the rain is pouring.

Welcome us! The two girls on a mission to the mountains.


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