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crossing glaciers - Bernese Oberland

Crossing more than 100km of glaciers in the Bernese Oberland by skis, before they're gone...

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April 2021. I read somewhere that Aletschglacier is the biggest glacier from Europe. Funny, I live less than two hours away from it. Sounds like something I seriously need to check it out.

I could go to Bettmeralp, hike half an hour, take a picture and go back home. But that's not fun, isn't it?

Instead, I've planned a nice itinerary that will lead us to the hidden gems of Aletschglacier.

It's around 100km of glaciers, including cols and (optional) summits on the road. A pure delight in good conditions.

And that's we did, skiing over the Aletsch glacier, before it's gone...

We took our own food for the two last days (bivihuts), passing through the following huts:

  • Konkordiahütte

  • Oberaarjochhütte

  • Aarbiwak

  • Lauteraarhütte

We have published our entire itinerary over the 5 days (along with the gpx track) on camp2camp: Raids de l'Oberland : Traversée W → E, du Lötschenlücke au Grimselpass.

Gpx track:

Download GPX • 17.49MB


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