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What you'll find below all articles about my Vipassana meditation retreats as a student and as a servant, and the benefits of those experiences.

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Vipassana - live it

It's time to live again another Vipassana retreat. My meditation might be not so strong anymore, but it's high time to refresh it, 3 years after my first retreat.
As every meditation is different, my mindset and expectations are also slightly different. Actually, did I even expect anything this time ?

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Vipassana - suffer it

Back to Vipassana, this time settling up a custom-made retreat.
Full of good resolutions after my first retreat, I slowly watched my determination fade away while I was taken away by stress and small disasters in my mind.
Here is an attempt of coming back to my breathe and my compassion, in a custom size retreat in Vevey...

Vipassana - survive it

Meditation used to trigger a "Meh" feeling in me. How boring can it be to be sitting in lotus and trying not to think. Well, experiencing it proved me somehow wrong...
Here is the story of my very first Vipassana meditation retreat.

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