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Spontaneous decisions are not always good. For example, spontaneously deciding to do an IronMan is NOT a good idea.

Sometimes I get stupid ideas. Not like stupid and dummy ideas, that are not harmful to anyone but just a little bit silly. No, no, this time, the stupidness level of this idea is close to 200%.

Me, doing an Ironman. Something sounds cool about this idea (since when is cool a synonym for cocksure?), so I start liking it.

And when I start liking an idea, chances are I'm going to do a project about it.

And when I start doing a project, chances are that I'm actually going to finish it.

So here we are, right?! July 2022, getting myself tidied up and ready for my first (and probably last) Ironman. After some weeks of training mixed with a bit of anemia to ensure that this would still remain a challenge (otherwise it could eventually be too easy, right), it's time to get my bike to the parking, put on my nice sexy swimming wetsuit and my speed sunglasses to rock it hard.

I did rock it. Not that hard though.

Read more in our article, co-written with my sweet Adélie (in French because we are cute Frenchies trying to pretend speaking English but actually still writing better in French, merci beaucoup)

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